With over 60 years’ experience in acoustic treatment, BOËT StopSon designs and manufactures a wide range of devices for noise reduction, vibration control and, today, pollution control and energy saving.

Whether for the nuclear, industrial, construction, medical or interior design sectors, BOËT StopSon offers a wide range of standard or customised products to meet your most demanding requirements.

Thanks to its integrated Acoustics Design Office, BOËT is able to support you from the initial diagnosis through the design, manufacture and implementation phases to the complete project.


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The silencers offered by the Group are devices used to reduce the noise produced by your industrial machinery and equipment. They can be used in many different applications, such as boilers, compressors, gas turbines, grinders, fans and cooling systems.

Acoustic louvres

Boët StopSon's LD (straight blade) and LC (curved blade) acoustic ventilation grilles meet the technical and architectural requirements of all types of building, including public buildings, industrial buildings, boiler rooms, data centres, etc.

Acoustic louvres

LD - LC acoustic grilles allow air to circulate (limiting pressure losses) while effectively protecting the environment from unwanted noise.

Acoustic doors

The acoustic doors offer optimum airtightness, assured compression and a perfect finish.

Acoustic doors

The design of the BOËT STOPSON acoustic door block combines performance and robustness.

Acoustic screens and panels

In addition to its acoustic enclosures, Boët StopSon offers a wide range of high-performance acoustic screens (Indoor - Outdoor / Fixed - Mobile). Boët StopSon acoustic screens are the ideal solution for limiting the propagation of noise when enclosures are not appropriate or necessary. They provide effective noise control at reduced cost.

Acoustic panels

BSP panels are acoustic insulators consisting of two steel sheets (perforated or not) and a non-combustible and rot-proof rock wool core. Our panels are ideal for limiting the propagation of noise both inside and outside.

Acoustic screens

Our acoustic screens have been developed to respond to the problems of external noise pollution in industrial, road and rail environments.

Mobile acoustic screens

Mobile acoustic panels are designed to limit the propagation of noise indoors by protecting a targeted area from sound waves.

Cabins and test rooms

Whether you need a standard screening booth, a made-to-measure audiometric test booth or an acoustic room layout, you can rely on BOËT StopSon to provide you with quality acoustic installations.

Absorbent panels

The Zénitude® panel is a high-performance, discreet acoustic treatment system designed to blend into any interior environment. Perfect for reducing reverberation and echo in spaces with high noise levels.

Acoustic covers

Do you want to reduce noise pollution on a building site, in a factory or at a festive event? The BOËT StopSon range of anti-noise acoustic sheeting effectively combats noise pollution in all sectors of industry and construction: Building and civil engineering, roads, drilling, railway demolition, public works, etc.