Atmospheric vent silencers

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Vent silencers are designed to attenuate the noise caused by the venting of pressurised gaseous fluids in particular: air, steam and various gases.

The vent silencer is based on two principles for noise reduction :

  • Silent and controlled expansion of the fluid
  • Absorption through soundproofed corridors

What are the applications ?

Safety valves Relief valves Ejectors

Drainage tanks Snort valve

Product informations

  • ATTENTION: up to 60 dB(A) when expanding pressurised gases
  • STANDARDS: Compliance with PED 97/23/EC
  • Regulatory control of pressure parts
  • Quality controls and inspections
  • STANDARD DIAMETERS: from Ø320 to 2360 mm
  • FLOW RATE: up to 1500t/h
  • FLUID TEMPERATURE : from -200°c > +550°c
  • PRESSURE: upstream > 400 bars
  • Manufacturing: all types of materials
  • Soundproofing : Rot-proof and waterproof mineral wool
  • Positioning : Horizontal or Vertical
  • Connections : By flange / welded tube / Counter flange, joints, bolts
  • Expansion box
  • Rain caps (weather protection)
  • Protective fencing
  • Other types of support

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