Building acoustics solutions

The acoustic solutions we offer are designed to improve the sound quality in buildings while meeting the required acoustic standards.

BOËT STOPSON also offers acoustic expertise services to help clients understand the acoustic issues in their buildings and evaluate the most appropriate solutions. The company has a team of experienced professionals who can carry out on-site acoustic measurements, develop recommendations and provide full technical support.

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Our acoustic expertise for the building industry

Whether airborne or impact noise, it is particularly disturbing in the building sector. The noise pollution caused by footsteps, traffic, conversations or equipment is the source of discomfort that can affect the quality of life of occupants. The fight against noise pollution is now an important issue, reflected in the acoustic standards to be achieved inside buildings in order to guarantee the comfort of users. BOËT StopSon, an expert in acoustic treatment, offers noise reduction solutions to meet these requirements.

Acoustic solutions that meet technical and architectural standards

Thanks to its expertise in building acoustics, BOËT StopSon is one of the main suppliers of quality acoustic products and solutions in the building sector.

The noise reduction systems offered and installed worldwide by BOËT StopSon meet the technical and architectural requirements of all types of buildings such as public buildings, industrial buildings, research centres, studios, concert halls, boiler rooms, data centres, sports complexes, multi-purpose halls, music halls, cinemas, casinos, discotheques, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

With 60 years of experience in building acoustics, BOËT StopSon ensures that its clients benefit from quality services :

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Certified acoustic performance

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Standard or custom quality design

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Factory assembled and tested products

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Optional on-site installation

Our solutions

BOËT StopSon, a specialist in sound insulation, offers highly effective noise reduction devices dedicated to the building industry, in order to reduce environmental noise pollution through products such as :

Ecrans acoustiques

LD – LC acoustic louvres

LD – LC acoustic grilles allow air to circulate (limiting pressure drop) while effectively protecting the environment from unwanted noise.


Acoustic screens

Our acoustic screens have been developed to respond to the problems of external noise pollution in industrial, road and rail environments, with a concept allowing the length and height of the screen to be optimised according to the particular acoustic requirements of the project.

Portes acoustiques

Acoustic doors

Boët Stopson door blocks have been designed to deal with noise pollution by offering optimal sealing and assured compression for a wide variety of situations.

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