We work for businesses as varied and demanding as the energy, construction, industry and medical sectors.

The Boet Group has recently extended its acoustic/vibration offering to include pollution control and energy-saving solutions. We are experts in the overall management of your emissions: noise, vibration, pollution and energy.

Our history

As a specialist in acoustics since 1872, the BOET Group integrates all the trades in order to accompany you on your projects, from the understanding of your needs to the acceptance of the soundproofing treatments.


Creation of the BOËT company

A modest boiler making workshop is built on the land purchased by the BOËT family, located in Villeneuve d’Ascq. Until 2021, the BOËT company was the oldest industry in the new town of Villeneuve d’Ascq.


Acoustic start-up

Reducing the exhaust noise of an engine is a masterpiece of boiler making based on the acoustic expertise that BOËT has developed.


Specialisation in acoustics

Official presentation of the first jet engine test bench silencer: The Viper


Recognition of BOËT’s expertise

Following a competition organised by the Ministry of the Air, BOËT inaugurates the first mobile runway silencer for jet aircraft (the S.M.B2 military fighter) at Dassault in Bordeaux

Usine d'aviation

Development of research

BOËT creates the first analogue acoustic and aeraulic simulator.

Implantation à l'etranger

BOËT sets up abroad

The company sets up in Italy, in Spain with the subsidiary StopSon Espagnola and in Florida in 1985 with the BOËT American Company.


The company creates its own test facilities

An anechoic chamber, a reverberation room and test benches are built on the company’s premises in order to be able to carry out the necessary tests before marketing the products.


Development of the acoustic enclosures activity

BOËT develops high performance acoustic enclosures for gas turbines. More than 50 will be installed.


BOËT Stopson is a partner with Bombardier to equip all the exhaust silencers of the SNCF’s AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité).


BOËT Stopson reaches its one millionth silencer sold !


DUS project

BOËT has been selected for the DUS (Diesel Ultime Secours) programme, which is being implemented following the Fukushima disaster. Its objective is to reinforce the safety of nuclear power plants by installing autonomous emergency units.

2020 – 2021

KDDI project

BOËT was involved in the acoustic treatment of the technical terrace of a data centre in the centre of Paris. The operation consisted of the installation of an acoustic screen and acoustic ventilation grilles. The treatment finally allowed us to avoid disturbance to the very close neighbourhood of the building.


Le Groupe BOËT

BOËT is the SNCF’s partner for the renovation of the 900 AGCs and adds pollution control to the soundproofing of the locomotives.

2023 –
Le Groupe BOËT

BOËT is the preferred partner of EDF/UTO for the renovation of the French nuclear fleet.

Our mission

Recognised expert in acoustic insulation

The BOËT Group has real know-how in acoustic, aeraulic and vibratory engineering. The company specialises in the study, design, prescription and manufacture of optimised acoustic solutions to reduce the impact of noise pollution.

Since its creation 150 years ago, the group has been assisting its clients in all their construction, space planning, plant and facility projects in order to ensure compliance with current standards and the improvement of acoustic performance at each stage of the life cycle of your installations.

A qualified team

  • 4 doctors in acoustics
  • 10 acoustics engineers
  • 25 qualified boilermakers and welders
  • 5 project management teams


Simulations acoustiques et de flux d'air

A single point of contact for efficient and successful collaboration

We offer a unique approach to our customers by providing a dedicated and qualified contact person throughout the process. One of our engineers, the project manager, will accompany you from the design stage through to on-site installation, with regular updates on the progress of your project.

Your dedicated contact will be responsible for understanding your needs and constraints by carrying out in-depth feasibility studies including all acoustic, aeraulic and vibratory engineering and methods. He will design and build turnkey installations optimising the cost/performance ratio with guaranteed results.

We also offer a wide range of acoustic solutions developed in our laboratories and manufactured in our workshops with a permanent stock. Your single point of contact will ensure a constant link between you and the team of acoustic engineers to keep you informed of the progress of your project in real time.

A European presence

Our European presence through our agencies in France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

A word from the management

The BOËT Group: our mission, our values

Our mission is to solve all problems related to noise pollution, for the well-being of all. Our values are those of performance and total customer satisfaction through permanent innovation in our standard ranges (silencers, grilles, screens, doors, acoustic cabins) and customisation for the most specialised problems, thanks to our in-house research and design office, associated with our workshops in Tourcoing.


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