With the legitimacy of nearly 75 years of experience with the largest international groups, Boët Stopson supports its customers in all phases of their projects.

Indeed, from the formalization of the need (using acoustic studies and simulations), followed by the design of specific products, then their realization, to finish with the assembly of our equipment on site, to the control of the achievement of results, Boet Stopson is committed alongside its customers in the search for performance and quality.

Boet Stopson therefore relies on its 3 pillars of Quality:

Compliance with our operational standards to take into account the customer’s need from the technical specifications to the end of execution;

Compliance with deadlines and commitments made to our customers;

The desire for constant innovation to support our customers in the conquest of new markets.

Boet Stopson also highlights Safety, Health and the Environment (SSE) by seeking to

Control occupational risks and develop a safety culture; Master and reduce the environmental impacts of our activities

That is why we have decided to prioritize 3 axes of deployment:

Analysis of the risks inherent in our professional activities in order to limit them to

Maximum the impact and exposure of our employees;

Awareness of our employees about hygiene and their health, especially for

Limit the spread and impact of epidemics;

Reduction and better recovery of our waste in order to limit our environmental impact.

As a supplier to the nuclear energy sector, Boet Stopson is committed to ensuring that nuclear safety is at the heart of its decision-making at all levels of the company and that nuclear safety is not cumbered by other priorities.

I personally undertake to mobilize resources and implement the means necessary for the application of this policy and legal obligations with the aim of continuously improving our QSE practices. I count on the commitment of everything and everyone so that everyone respects and enforces the rules.