Emission control

Today, high acoustic and airflow performance may no longer be sufficient for a number of applications.

We need to eliminate as much as possible the emission of greenhouse gases, pollutants and particles.

This is why BOET Stopson has developed its expertise in emission control by developing different technologies to complement our silencers.


Our expertise

Engine silencer pollution control can refer to the use of technologies to reduce the harmful gas emissions produced by an internal combustion engine. Emission control systems, such as particulate filters and catalysts, are designed to reduce exhaust emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), unburnt hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and fine particulate matter (PM).

Adding emission control systems to an engine muffler can help improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions, which can help protect public health and the environment. In addition, some governments impose strict emissions regulations, so it is important for manufacturers to incorporate effective emission control systems to comply with these regulations.

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Tailor-made integration

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Treatment of fine particles with low pressure drop

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Cost reduction

Our solutions

BOËT StopSon, a specialist in sound insulation, offers highly effective noise reduction devices dedicated to the building industry, in order to reduce environmental noise pollution through products such as :
Ligne d'échappement avec système antipollution

SCR anti-pollution system

We integrate anti-pollution systems into our engine exhaust systems.

Silencer with integrated catalytic converter

Our catalysed silencers are designed to meet the requirements of engine exhaust noise attenuation, as well as the reduction of pollutant gases (CO, NmHC). pollutant gases (CO, NmHC).

Anti-pollution treatment for railways

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