Aeraulics is the study of air movement and its effects on buildings and mechanical systems. It involves the design, installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure optimum comfort and healthy indoor air quality in buildings.

Air engineering also includes the study of air pressure, velocity and temperature, as well as phenomena such as convection, diffusion and dispersion of air. Airflow experts often work with building services and electrical engineers to design and implement efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our Aeraulics expertise

Aeraulics and acoustics are two areas of expertise that are closely linked in many sectors of industry and construction. Air conditioning experts are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in buildings and industrial facilities.

Acoustics experts are responsible for analysing and solving noise and vibration problems in many different contexts, such as buildings, transport, public spaces, factories and industrial sites.

In some cases, airflow and acoustics skills may overlap, for example in the design of quiet ventilation systems. Air and acoustics experts can work together to ensure that ventilation and air conditioning systems are efficient, reliable and quiet, while meeting environmental standards and acoustic regulations.

In short, both airflow and acoustics skills are key competencies for many industries and sectors, and their combination can solve complex problems in buildings and industrial facilities.

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Our solutions

BOËT StopSon, a specialist in sound insulation, offers highly effective noise reduction devices dedicated to the building industry, in order to reduce environmental noise pollution through products such as :

Silencieux de ventilation

Ventilation silencers

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