Our acoustic, aeraulic and vibration design office works in a wide range of sectors, including industry, energy, construction, architecture, the environment and wind power.

The main aims of our studies are to reduce noise pollution and protect personnel, ensure acoustic and vibratory comfort, monitor and control vibrations and assess the mechanical strength of various industrial processes and machines (flexibility and expansion studies).

Our multi-disciplinary team offers you its expertise to support you throughout the various phases of your project: programming, diagnosis, study, consultation with contractors, site supervision, control measures, legal expertise, etc. Our range of assignments is rich and varied, providing you with a complete solution.

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Pulse and vibration control

Groupe Boët has historically developed specific expertise to combat the pulsating, vibratory and mechanical problems associated with complex piping networks, reciprocating compressors and rotating machines.

API 618 – 619 and AIV-FIV studies

Pressure pulsations are generated by the reciprocating motion of the compressor piston and are amplified or weakened by the acoustic response of the piping system. Pressure pulsations produce oscillating forces that are called unbalanced forces. These forces, applied to a more or less flexible pipe system, generate vibrations that can lead to fatigue fractures when the cyclic stresses are too great.

Noise management and acoustic comfort

We have extensive tools and equipment at our disposal, enabling us to carry out targeted analyses with the aim of offering you the most appropriate solutions to your problems.

Environmental monitoring

Groupe Boët has developed its own environmental monitoring system for noise, vibration and air quality. The system, which may or may not be energy self-sufficient, can be used for all types of monitoring, including construction sites, industries, car/motorcycle circuits, local authorities, etc.