Études de flexibilité
Études de flexibilité
Études de flexibilité
Études de flexibilité

Flexibility studies, network sizing

In general, the study of the flexibility of a piping system makes it possible to calculate the forces and stresses resulting from the effects of gravity, internal and external pressures, temperature variations and flow-induced forces.

What are the applications ?

Main piping and pipe supports

Cylindrical pressure vessels

The supports and pipe routing are optimised until they converge on a solution that satisfies the selected calculation criteria.
Stress intensification factors are calculated and stresses verified according to ANSI codes
B31.3 (USA), EN-13480 (Europe) or CODETI (France) codes. Other codes (RCC-M, Stoomwezen) are available on request.
For this type of calculation, we use Bentley AutoPIPE® Advanced or Intergraph CAESAR II® software (equivalent to Pipestress, Rohr2 , Caepipe ).


In addition to the usual calculations, we can also provide :

  • Verification of bolted flange connections using the equivalent pressure method
  • Wind and snow studies
  • Dynamic vibration behaviour studies
  • seismic studies


Études de flexibilité

Study models are usually made up of main piping, pipe supports and cylindrical pressure vessels.

In addition to the usual models, we can also include :

  • Complex metal structures (chassis, pipe rack, etc.).
  • Buried piping.



Études de flexibilité

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