Project Management

Project management at Group BOET is a key element in the success of every project we have completed, whether it is a construction project, a product development project, a new technology implementation project or any other type of project. We have established processes for monitoring project progress, in order to quickly identify and resolve problems and thus guarantee our clients’ full satisfaction.

Photo Expliquant les points du projet

Our solutions

BOËT StopSon, a specialist in acoustic treatment, offers highly effective noise reduction devices. In addition to our range, we have decided to combine the following products to reduce environmental noise pollution

Chef de projet travaillant sur tablette et mettant à jour la planification de l'avancement des tâches et des jalons avec l'interface de planification du diagramme de Gantt pour l'entreprise sur écran virtuel.

Industrial projects

Ceramic honeycomb stationary application Non-standard products – please consult us

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