Our solutions for the energy industry

We understand that limiting noise emissions is everyone’s priority. So we need to reduce leakage from energy production equipment as much as possible. This is the first step towards a better environment.


Our acoustic expertise in the energy sector

The BOET Group is able to provide solutions and services that withstand the most critical environments.

Our experienced engineering teams have worked to develop products for major energy markets around the world.

Our comprehensive range ensures you have the equipment you need. Whether it’s engine silencers, venting silencers, gas turbine silencers or ventilation silencers, we can provide you with the equipment you need to equip your power station, oil field or gas extraction plant.

Boët is able to intervene at all stages, from construction to maintenance of energy production facilities.

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Explore our range of products and services for all your acoustic treatment needs.

Silencieux en ligne

EVO® engine muffler

Our engine silencers are designed to reduce the noise generated by the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines.

Silencieux de turbines à gaz

Gas turbine mufflers

Gas turbine silencers are devices used to reduce the noise emitted by gas turbines. They work by attenuating the sound waves produced by the movement of air through the turbine.

SIlencieux mise à l'atmosphére

Atmospheric silencer

Venting silencers are designed to attenuate the noise caused by the venting of pressurised gaseous fluids, in particular air, steam and various gases.

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