Our solutions for industry

Many industries have acoustic problems with their equipment or their site.

BOËT Stopson offers a complete range of products and solutions to provide you with a rapid response adapted to your project.


Our acoustic expertise in industry

Industry is a very diversified sector of activity, our acoustic treatments largely meet the following needs :

  • Soundproofing of equipment (engines – machines – etc.)
  • Acoustic insulation of industrial buildings (interior and exterior)
  • Vibration treatment

Our excellent knowledge of acoustic problems in the industrial environment enables us to offer you the most appropriate and effective solution for the treatment of noise pollution that you may be facing.

Reduce noise, improve your industrial environment and protect the health of your employees.

Thanks to our industrial expertise acquired over the years, we are able to offer you a customised acoustic solution, perfectly adapted to your activity.

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Silencieux en ligne

EVO® engine muffler

Our engine silencers are designed to reduce the noise generated by the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines.

SIlencieux mise à l'atmosphére

Atmospheric silencer

Venting silencers are designed to attenuate the noise caused by the venting of pressurised gaseous fluids, in particular air, steam and various gases.

Silencieux de chaudières industrielles

Industrial boiler silencers

Industrial boiler silencers are used to reduce the noise generated by industrial boiler emissions. They are designed to attenuate the vibrations and sounds emitted by the flow of gas and steam through the boiler flue.

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