Suction and discharge silencers SR

SR silencers are designed to effectively reduce suction and discharge noise from Roots blowers, vacuum pumps and liquid ring or rotary vane compressors.

The installation of an SR type silencer requires a pressure inside the silencer of less than 0.5 Barg. If the pressure is greater than 0.5 Barg the silencer will be subject to PED 97/23 EC, the risk category to which the equipment is subject must be determined.

Our silencers are based on two attenuation principles :

Absorption devices (SR15 and SR25)

Reactive device and wave phase shifter coupled with an absorption device (SR30 and SR40)

Product informations

  • Manufacturing: all types of materials
  • Soundproofing : Rot-proof and waterproof mineral wool
  • Positioning : Horizontal or Vertical
  • Connections : By flange / counterflange, joints, bolts
  • Low pressure loss
  • Acoustic, thermal and ventilation technology
  • Adaptability: all possible configurations adapted to your needs
  • Acoustic attenuation: from 15 dbA to 40 dbA
  • CE standard: Conformity with PED 97/23/EC
  • Nominal diameter (DN): from Ø50 to 450 mm - for larger diameters, please consult us
  • Length : from 456 to 4850 mm
  • Mass: from 4 to 1150 kg
  • Flow rate: up to 13 580 m3/h
  • Roots blowers
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Liquid ring rotary compressors
  • Rotary vane compressors
  • Special exterior protection
  • Customised finishing tent
  • 304L or 316L stainless steel materials
  • Water separator
  • Oil separator
  • Customised supports

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