Acoustic screens

Our acoustic screens have been developed to respond to the problems of external noise pollution in industrial, road and rail environments, with a concept that allows the length and height of the screen to be optimised according to the particular acoustic requirements of the project.


They are made up of insulating acoustic panels supported by a metal structure anchored to a foundation. They are often used around ventilation elements such as air-condensers, air conditioning units or heat pumps. They offer the advantage of not confining and completely enclosing the equipment to be treated.

What are the applications?



Product informations

  • Sound reduction index Rw - (dB): 35 dB (A) for BSP 60 and 36 dB (A) for BSP 100
  • Absorption coefficient (α S): 1 for BSP 60 and 0.95 for BSP 100
  • Thermal resistance R (m2 K / W): 1.34 for BSP 60 and 2.25 for BSP 100
  • Fire classification: A2S1D0 (according to NF EN 13501-1)
  • Standard corrosion protection: Class RC3 according to DIN EN 10169; other protections available on request
  • Assembly: The panels are made integral with each other thanks to a "tenon-mortaise" system (male-female), thus allowing an optimal and homogeneous acoustic performance.
  • Protection : Removable protective film on each side
  • Reflective screen: the wave is reflected on the screen
  • Absorbing screen: the wave is absorbed by the screen
  • Interior: 25 micron polyester paint RAL 9002
  • Exterior: 25 micron polyester paint Standard colours to choose from (see BOËT colour chart)

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