Acoustic panels and partitions Zénitude

The Zenitude® panel is a high performance, low profile acoustic treatment system designed to fit into any interior environment. Perfect for reducing reverberation and echo in spaces with high sound levels.

Our sound absorbing panels are available in a wide range of colours, materials and sizes for different applications. For more colourful applications, it can be fully customisable.

The Zenitude® panel is made of 100% polyester fibre, with a hard, compressed face and a cushioned backing to optimise the range of frequency absorption available.

What are the applications?

Zenitude® panels can be used in a wide range of situations and locations. According to your needs, we can design any type of space in any field of activity.

Product informations

  • CSTB acoustic certification absorption aw= 1.
  • PV on request
  • Euroclass Bs2d0 / French standard M1
  • All components come from the European Union.
  • All components are classified A+ in accordance with the decrees relating to the labelling of construction products or wall or floor coverings on their emissions of volatile pollutants.
  • The Tr is reduced by the high sound absorption of the Zenitude panel over the entire frequency range.
  • The shapes: square, rectangular or oval, etc.
  • Dimensions: standard or made-to-measure
  • Materials and colours: 4 coatings & 146 colours
  • installation systems: 8 installation systems

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