Acoustic doors

The design of the BOËT STOPSON acoustic door block combines performance and robustness. The proposed attenuation ranges from 50 to 63 dB.
These acoustic doors are equipped with a frame and counter-frame, a leaf made of 2 cm thick galvanised steel sheet, and reinforced hinges.

As standard, the doors have an extra thin threshold of 1.5 cm. To facilitate the passage of people with reduced mobility or rolling stock.

The two magnetic seal barriers are installed around the edge of the door leaf and frame. The seal at the bottom of the door leaf is compressed against the threshold when the door is closed.

They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are weather resistant and reduce the risk of burglary. The possibility of complete customisation of the design (single, double, triple, trapdoor).

Technical or collective premises, discotheques, bars and audiometry laboratories

Radio and television studios Hospitals and clinics Test benches

Product informations

  • Certified performance available from 50 - 54 - 58 and 63 dB
  • Customised dimensions up to 3000 x 3000 mm
  • Single or double leaf door
  • Surface, rebate or tunnel installation
  • Flat threshold in accordance with NF DTU 36.5 regulations
  • Ultra-resistant lacquered finish (polyester powder paint)
  • Quick and easy installation: QUICKFIX®.
  • Acoustic Oculus
  • Pull handles - Crutches - Marshal's sticks
  • Door closers (arm and slide)
  • Closing selectors - Headbands
  • Panic bars 1 point, 2 points, 3 points
  • Locks (safety, electric) - Position contacts
  • Firemen's bolts / Europad
  • Door stops (standard or magnetic)

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